Tree Trimming

For your mature trees, it’s important to contract for regular trimming to remove dead and dying branches and maintain plant health and safety. Untrimmed trees can become overgrown, which is bad for their health and can be detrimental to your lawn as well, as less sunshine will filter through the canopy. Trimming may also need to be done to eliminate interference with objects and structures and to compensate for structural weaknesses in the branches themselves. Timberwolff Tree Services can asses and safely remove any issues.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning helps your landscape flourish by addressing architectural tree care concerns such as tree risk, structural integrity, shape and appearance. Tree care services performed by an arborist enhance the natural beauty of your trees and shrubs to help preserve their strength, stature and seasonal character.

We can provide the services of a trained crew, all the required safety equipment, liability insurance and of course the knowledge and experience that can only come with the job.


Professional Experience

With years of professional tree care and removal services, Timberwolff Tree Service is your go-to resource for all our tree service needs. We currently offer:

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